Helpful Teaching Tips for First-Year Instructors

Teachers are among the most important individuals in society—they undertake the challenging job of educating the youth. Whether you’re preparing for your first semester as a teacher or just finished your first year, it’s always important to improve your craft. If you’re nervous about your upcoming responsibilities, here are three helpful teaching tips for first-year instructors to prepare you for all the challenges ahead.

Come Prepared

Every aspect of your curriculum requires comprehensive planning. An instructor must understand their subject entirely and how students will progress with the material throughout a semester. The whole year must be planned, but each and every day requires specialized preparation. Come in each day with a solid idea of how you’ll effectively teach the information—this helps calm any nerves and anxiety that may affect newer teachers.

Cater to Your Students

While plans can help you remain calm and confident in your teaching, they might not always be practical. Children are unpredictable, meaning every day presents a different challenge. Since every student is different and learns through varied techniques, it’s important to construct your curriculum around their strengths.

Adjust your plans as needed by adding different, more effective activities for certain students. Feel free to improvise daily if something planned isn’t landing with your kids, and have confidence that these improvisations are valuable and appreciated.

Find Growth in Your Mistakes

First-year teachers make mistakes, some of which are unavoidable or even expected. There will be plenty of days throughout the year that don’t meet your curriculum’s expectations, and your new job may cause distress in your life outside of school and vice versa.

Use these mistakes as lessons for growing into a better instructor. It may take years to hone your craft, but the bumps in the road are truly valuable for your academic evolution. Remember to take time and reflect after the final semester so you can prepare yourself for the next school year.

Being a newbie is never easy in any industry. However, new teachers tend to put the most pressure on themselves when they first start. If you’re feeling that pressure, use these helpful teaching tips for first-time instructors to achieve success, both for your students and yourself.

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Written by Logan Voss

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