Ways Drone Technology Is Saving the Environment

Protecting our planet is increasingly crucial. And as humanity becomes more aware of how vital the health of our ecosystems is, unique and innovative technology is helping us pave the way to a brighter future. Drones, in particular, seem to be taking center stage in a variety of environmental protection efforts. Take a moment to explore a few of the fantastic things drone technology does to protect our planet.

Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture

It’s no secret—at least in the crop farming realms—that drones have been forging a path to sustainable agriculture since their conception. And as they continue advancing in both precision and capability, the potential of this technology to revolutionize agriculture only becomes increasingly apparent.

Because drone cameras can provide such high-resolution images in real-time, they’re the perfect tool for farmers to map and monitor vast expanses of land. Moreover, these crystal-clear visuals mean that farmers can observe and adjust a myriad of things, such as:

  • Livestock (health and behavior)
  • Crops (potential yields, growth patterns)
  • Water levels (the impact it might have on harvests)

Along with that, the most sophisticated agricultural drones now come with equipment capable of providing three-dimensional landscape images, which means planning future farm expansions and upgrades has never been simpler.

Plus, certain drones can spray fertilizer and other nutrients on crops with incredible precision. As a result, fewer resources are wasted, and the need for gas-guzzling machinery is rapidly starting to dwindle.

Plastic Pollution Pick-Up in Aquatic Habitats

But revolutionizing agriculture isn’t the only way drone technology is saving the environment. Underwater and waterproof drones are working wonders in eliminating plastic pollution from our precious aquatic ecosystems. Specifically, organizations worldwide are starting to see the true potential for drones to mitigate plastic pollution through projects like The Cleaning Drone and countless others. 

Drones are being built and programmed to act as vacuums, collecting trash on and below the water’s surface. And with an ever-increasing number of researchers, conservationists, and foundations at-large finding value in drone technology to offset water pollution, the future of marine environments looks brighter every day.

Renewable Energy Maintenance

Of course, there is no discussion about the ways drone technology is saving the environment without mentioning that these innovative machines have made maintaining renewable energy hubs safer and more straightforward than ever before. Inspectors and maintenance specialists of yesteryear had to be hooked up with complex wire systems and hoisted up the length of colossal equipment like wind turbines to perform inspections.

However, this sort of hazardous work is no longer an issue thanks to drones. Instead, renewable energy companies are sending drones in place of human inspectors to provide them with pertinent information on the condition of the hubs they inspect. 

These companies can get real-time video footage and 3D models of crucial turbine parts, electrical systems, and more. This means inspectors can perform examinations and maintenance risk-free, with minimal environmental damage—and at significantly lower costs. As a result, renewable energy has never been more feasible.

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Written by Logan Voss

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