Affordable Ways To Improve Your Lake House

Owning a lake house is a wonderful way to escape the stressors of your life throughout the year. The serene ambiance of nature allows for a relaxing weekend away. However, an outdated home with various issues of its own does not lead to a great vacation. To ensure you have a fantastic experience in your second abode, here are three affordable ways to improve your lake house.

Update the Kitchen

The most valuable part of nearly any property is the kitchen and its appliances. On the market, a renovated kitchen can raise a home’s value by thousands of dollars. Even if you’re not looking to sell, having modern cooking equipment in a stylish space makes the living experience far more enjoyable. You don’t have to break the bank on these renovations, either.

Simple modifications to cabinets, like paint color and new handles, brings new life to any kitchen. Replace the oldest appliances in your kitchen with new ones, and opt for products that are suitable for the time you spend at the lake house.

Go Green

You can improve your lake house and save money in the future by powering your home with green energy. This both reduces monthly costs and raises the value of the property. Simple ways to go green include adding more insulation in the attic, adding a blanket for your water heater, and weather stripping.

Converting to LED lights offers more savings and better lighting throughout the home. If you plan to build additions to your home, consider using renewable materials; they cost less and they save the earth!

Level the Landscape

Due to the close proximity to water, your property may experience landscaping issues over time. Sinking foundation can cause thousands of dollars in repairs, and the property value will tank significantly.

Consider using helical piers for foundational support if you notice your home slowly sinking. Additionally, pay attention to the condition of your landscaping overall; you want to maintain a beautiful yard that’s bountiful with nature without being a mess.

With these affordable ways to improve your lake house, you can create a gorgeous home for weekend getaways. You can also up the property value and sell it for a massive financial gain on the market!

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Written by Logan Voss

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