3 Essential Tips for Dressing Professionally and Comfortably

Professional dress codes are becoming more relaxed since people are slowly returning to the office. And even though it might be tempting to show up wearing a hoodie and joggers, you’ll most likely need a bit more decorum. Working from home gives you the freedom of jumping on calls wearing sweats. But does the return to the office mean a return to traditional pants?

Not necessarily. Check out these essential tips for dressing professionally and comfortably for your return to the front lines.

Soft but Structured Clothing

You can still wear soft clothing to work if there’s an element that can distinguish it enough from your favorite sweats. Swap out your favorite sweatshirt for a sweater blazer, which is a cardigan with a seam or lapel. For men, a sweater with detailing at the top can look professional. Look for stand-up collars or zippers. For pants, the same rules apply. As long as there’s a button or zipper, you can get away with it. Drawstrings are not appropriate in most cases because our brains immediately think of sweatpants when we see them.

For pants, the same rules apply. As long as there’s a button or zipper, you can get away with it. Find some custom made chinos for sale online.

Add Accessories to a Casual Look

What if you have comfy clothing that doesn’t have drawstrings but doesn’t quite seem to stand up to professional standards? Add an accessory to your outfit, and you’ll make the look appear more polished. If you have a sweater that might not be as professional-looking as you want, you can add a necklace or earrings to elevate it. Belts can work for cinching flowy dresses and making menswear more formal.

Adjust Your Mask

Donning a mask throughout your workday can be cumbersome. If it’s mandatory in your workplace, there are a few ways to make wearing a mask in your office more comfortable. Tie-back masks can give the backs of your ears a break. Also, you can use the anti-fog spray if you’re constantly battling the foggy glasses situation that comes from mask-wearing.

These three essential tips for dressing professionally and comfortably in your workplace will help you stay cozy while climbing that corporate ladder.

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Written by Logan Voss

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