Mistakes You’re Making With Your Data Center

If you’re a business that has expanding data storage needs, you might be thinking of moving your data to a data center. Whether you’re moving your company’s servers to an existing data center or creating your own, there are some pitfalls that can occur with either choice. Explore these mistakes you’re making with your data center so that you can avoid some potential obstacles.

Poor Virtualization

If you’re not virtualizing with a hybrid cloud, you’re already behind. One machine can host multiple virtual servers instead of having hardware for every specific task. If you embrace the benefits of hybrid cloud storage early, you’ll save space, giving you a more manageable facility.

Limited Growth

When you create a data center, you also need to keep expansion in mind. You’ll want to install racks that can accommodate growth, or you can choose a modular design. A modular data center will give you the opportunity to expand your data center quickly and allow you to save money and space until that time comes.

Skipping Maintenance

Did you know that servers can break down? You’ll need to implement routine maintenance to ensure that your servers and other equipment are operating properly. Servers need updates, backups, and a secure connection to function properly. Without them, you’ll experience downtime that can jeopardize your business.

Poorly Designed Racks

Server racks should give you the ability to easily access servers, cables, and other equipment, but having a poorly designed server rack can inhibit your ability to perform maintenance and upgrades. Keeping items organized and installing the correct racks for your servers will help you stay organized by giving you and your team the ability to access servers.

Not Enough Power

Do you have enough power for your facility? Blown fuses and other electrical issues can cause downtime that will significantly affect your business. When you’re renting a space or designing your data center, you need to make sure that you have enough power to support servers and other equipment.

By avoiding these mistakes you’re making with your data center, you can guarantee access to your data and keep your clients happy.

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Written by Logan Voss

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