The Health Risks of Living in an Unclean Home

If you or a loved one live in unsanitary living conditions, you can experience several negative side effects that can harm the body. Being aware of the health risks of living in an unclean home will allow you to take the steps necessary to clear out your house or help another person clean theirs. It’s never too late to get cleaning.

Excessive Dust

It’s normal to find dust around the house, whether it covers a stack of books or collects in a corner. But while it is natural to find dust around the house, too much of it can cause serious respiratory problems and illnesses. With excessive dust, any occupants in the home risk inflaming their trachea and bronchi.

At first, this will only manifest as mild sneezing and coughing. But it will eventually evolve into far worse respiratory conditions. Dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces will mitigate the amount of dust in the home, bringing it down to safer levels.

Foodborne Illnesses

If occupants don’t follow basic cleaning, they risk introducing foodborne illnesses into their diets. If you or a loved one puts plates in unsanitary areas or fails to clean them, germs will spread to those plates and attach to your food.

These microscopic organisms are impossible to see, but they will invade your food and enter your body, leading to serious food illnesses. Always make sure to properly rinse and sanitize all eating utensils and food preparation areas in the house.

Bacteria, Germs, and Mold

Bacteria and other microscopic organisms can come from several places. They can proliferate in food left in the house too long. They may also thrive in dark, damp areas of the home or trash that sits inside for weeks at a time.

These germs not only expose everyone inside the house to sickness but can contaminate nearly everything they touch, be it clothes, food, or furniture. Black mold is especially common in neglected homes and proves to be a major source of sickness and constant contamination. Give the house a deep clean and get rid of anything covered in black mold, no matter what it is.

Clean Out Your Home

In many cases, a buildup of clutter and trash can infest the home, making cleanup difficult, if not impossible, for most people. Allowing the house to deteriorate to that point is extreme but not altogether uncommon.

There are professional junk removal services that can clear a home’s clutter. So be aware of the resources available and take advantage of them to get the house back in order. Know the health risks of living in an unclean home and take the necessary steps to eliminate health threats.

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Written by Logan Voss

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