Common Mistakes People Make When Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are some of the scariest natural disasters out there. Water damage can impact the environment and manmade structures and pose a drowning risk. Since these are such serious weather events, you must be ready for them when they strike. Read about these common mistakes people make when preparing for a hurricane so you know what not to do.

Misusing the Power They Have

People must exercise caution when using electrical power during a hurricane. Follow some clever tips to get through a power outage so you know what to do. For example, you should keep the refrigerator door closed to preserve the food inside. Opening the door may compromise the contents of the fridge. In addition, you should be careful about how much you use your phone so that it doesn’t run out of power without a charge available. Sometimes, individuals overuse their phones because there’s nothing else to do while waiting for the storm to pass. Avoid this as much as possible.

Not Leaving Soon Enough

Another common mistake people make when preparing for a hurricane is not leaving their house soon enough. Understandably, people want to save their homes and valuables from water damage. However, it’s unsafe to stay in the home when you face perilous conditions. You could end up injured or unable to get out of the area if you wait too long to leave. Follow governmental advice and get out when you can.

Leaving the Car Unpacked

You must ensure your car is prepared if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Take care of any maintenance issues promptly, as you’ll likely want to get out of the area quickly. Also, you should keep a bag full of supplies in your car, so that you can get out fast. Finally, you must carry a first-aid kit, so that you’re prepared in case anyone in the vehicle gets injured.

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Written by Logan Voss

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