How To Know When a Car Isn’t Worth Repairing

Kudos to you if you avoid new car purchases by repairing the car you have and driving it as long as possible. It would be great if we could all do that forever and keep our cars in use. Unfortunately, there comes a time when car repairs no longer do the trick. In this article, we’ll discuss how to know when a car isn’t worth repairing. Eventually, we must let a faithful friend go and move on to something that runs better.

Repairs Exceed the Car’s Value

You should look for something new when car repairs begin to exceed the overall value of the car. If your old clunker is worth 3000 dollars and a repair job costs 5000 dollars, it’s no longer worthwhile to fix it.

When a car is at the point where it has a very low resale value or needs so many repairs that no one would buy it, you may want to consider salvaging it. A salvage yard will give you a little something so that it doesn’t just sit in your driveway collecting rust.

Beyond repairs, consider what you’re spending on gas. Newer cars—especially hybrids—can present tremendous fuel savings. So comparing the cost of fuel with the value of the car may help in your decision as well.

You Become Stranded Once Again

It’s frustrating when an old car breaks down repeatedly, and you must call someone for a ride. Everyone has their limits, but a good rule of thumb is to replace a car after three breakdowns.

Keep track of how many times your car has embarrassingly let you down. Watch out for scenarios where your vehicle putters out, starts smoking, or makes a sound that says, “Cancel your plans. We’re going nowhere.” After the third instance, accept the fact that the car is no longer worth the repairs.

Your Mechanic Says Repairs Aren’t Worthwhile

What does your mechanic have to say? Ask their opinion about whether the repairs are worth it or not. Hopefully, you have a mechanic you trust. If not, ask around and see who your friends and family prefer. Most mechanics are good at what they do and will give you an honest answer. If an expert says you’ll be stranded again soon, it’s time to stop repairing.

We hope our tips for how to know when a car isn’t worth repairing are helpful as you navigate the world of automobiles. You can keep your vehicle running as long as possible, but you should also accept when doing so is no longer feasible.

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Written by Logan Voss

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