How To Properly Display the American Flag Indoors

The American flag is a banner that continues to symbolize many of the values instilled in this country. Many show their pride and patriotism by displaying the flag on poles outside schools, federal buildings, and businesses. While most people are aware of proper etiquette and code when displaying the star-spangled banner outdoors, regulation can become blurry when knowing how to properly display the American flag indoors.


When showcasing the American flag vertically, start with focusing on the placement of the blue union. The banner should lay flat against the wall with its union in its uppermost right-hand corner (the observer’s left.) Just like its outdoor etiquette, the flag’s placement should be at a considerable height from the floor, so it never touches the ground.


Similar to being placed vertically, when an American flag is placed horizontally, it must show the union at the flag’s uppermost right-hand corner (the observer’s left.) Additional rules also apply when keeping the banner away from the ground.

In a Group With Other Flags

When showcasing on an indoor flagstaff, the US flag should be farthest on the right of the additional banners. This positioning would mean that the audience should view it on the left.

When foreign flags are flown near the US banner, it’s essential to keep all of them at the same height. Doing so shows universal respect for foreign entities. The American banner should never fly higher than the rest.

Next To a Speaker

When positioned next to a speaker, the American flag should stay to the speaker’s right, with additional flags staying to their left. Doing this practice places the US banner in a position of distinguished honor.

It’s essential to know how to properly display the American flag indoors as doing so shows appreciation and gratitude for the message it strives to convey. Not only is it a sign of respect that helps you avoid faux pas, but an appropriate display can help extend a flag’s quality and condition.

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Written by Logan Voss

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