Hair Washing Mistakes That You May Be Making

You’ve been washing your hair since you were little. You wet it, lather in some shampoo, rinse, rub in the conditioner and let it sit, rinse, and dry off with a towel. Easy-peasy.

Hair-washing might seem like a straightforward process, but it’s a lot more complicated than you’d think! The average person’s hair routine contains errors that seriously harm their locks.

Here are some hair washing mistakes that you may be making and what to do instead. Washing your hair the right way will make your hair look and feel incredible.

Washing Your Hair Every Day

Tons of people wash their hair every single day. But the truth is, most people don’t have to wash their hair that often. When you wash your hair too frequently, you strip away the natural oils that keep it moisturized. And when your hair loses too much oil, it’s starts overproducing it to overcompensate for what was lost, which can lead to overly oily, greasy strands.

The average person should only wash their hair once every two to three days. However, the recommended frequency of washings depends on many factors, including hair type and weather. Those with thick, curly hair can go up to a month without washing because their hair retains moisture easier, but those with thin, straight hair should wash more often. Weather-wise, the hot and humid summer weather calls for more washings. While in winter, you should only wash your hair once or twice a week so that it isn’t dried out by the cold weather.

Using Harsh Products

Another hair washing mistake that you may be making is using products that are too harsh. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your shampoo’s label? Many hair care products contain harsh and synthetic ingredients that strip your hair of oil and leave it dry and brittle.

Sulfates are a huge no-no. You should also avoid products with alcohol, fragrances, and parabens, which are notorious for damaging your hair and irritating your skin.

Your styling products could also irritate your scalp. Gels and hairsprays contain many of the same harsh ingredients as shampoos and conditioners. Instead of using synthetic-based products, look for products that feature gentle, natural ingredients. Check out Allurium Beauty.

Taking Scorching Hot Showers

Who doesn’t love a nice, hot shower? Unfortunately, scalding water can badly damage your skin and hair. Hot water dries out your hair and skin and opens up the hair cuticles. This allows keratin proteins, natural moisture protectors, and color molecules to escape. This leaves you with dry, weak, and lackluster locks. Hot water can also cause your hair to frizz.

So does this mean you can never take a hot bath or shower again? Not necessarily. Once you finish washing, turn the water to lukewarm or cold for a few seconds. This closes your pores and hair cuticles and locks in moisture.

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Written by Logan Voss

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