How To Wear Jeans During the Summer and Still Look Stylish

Summer is hot. No matter where you are in the US, the summer season typically includes warmer temperatures, sunlight, and sweat. Consequently, finding the right outfit can be a chore. No one wants to wait till evening when it gets cooler to wear what they want. Jeans, for instance, are great universal clothing articles for any occasion. Unfortunately, they can feel uncomfortable when the sun is out. Here’s how to wear jeans during the summer and still look stylish doing so.

Consider the Occasion

Everyone knows there are different clothes for different occasions. Whether it’s a business casual meeting, lunch with friends, or yard work around the house, be sure to wear appropriate jeans. There are many clothing styles to choose from depending on the look you’re striving for. Flared jeans may not be exceptionally flattering, but they’re comfortable and give wiggle room for extra mobility. Skinny jeans are always a great option for going out, as they work with almost any clothing option. For formal occasions, opt for designer jeans. These high-end jeans work great for nights out on the town. Additionally, they pair well with tops, shoes, and accessories for added flare.

Pair With a Stylish Top

Another great thing about wearing jeans in the summer is that you can pair them with any stylish top. Blouses, t-shirts, and crop-tops all go well with a nice pair of jeans. Since summer offers warmer temperatures and sunny days, go with whatever top allows you to stay cool while rocking your outfit. If you want to stay in on a colder or rainy day, go with a sweater, hoodie, or long-sleeved shirt. There are no wrong options here, so select whatever your heart desires.

Wear Nice Shoes

Likewise, another tip on how to wear jeans during the summer and still look stylish is to wear nice shoes. Depending on the style and occasion, you have many options to choose from. Sandals, sneakers, or pumps go well with daily wear. Otherwise, booties or low-calf heels also work if you want to dress to impress. You can even rock a pair of cozy slippers with them to keep the comfortable look you’re going for.


Finally, feel free to accessorize. Wearing jeans doesn’t mean you can’t find a nice hat or pair of sunglasses to wear on top. Jewelry, bracelets, and watches also pair well for more put-together looks. Jeans are universal clothing options with which you can mix and match any accessory. There’s no shame in wearing them, and more importantly, you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish in them. After all, your clothes and accessories should make you feel like your best self.

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Written by Logan Voss

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