Fun and Affordable Hobbies To Pick Up This Fall

There’s so much more to do this fall than sit on the couch and stream Netflix. You can try out a new form of art, or you can finally get around to flipping that old dresser in the garage. Whether you’re into gardening, painting, or hiking, or something else, there are a ton of fun and affordable hobbies to pick up this fall.

Start a Succulent Garden

Plant lovers tend to wilt along with their foliage when the cooler temperatures come around. If you’re one of these people, you can perk back up: fall is a great time to start a succulent garden. Not only will you get the opportunity to flex your planting, potting, and plant care skills, but you’ll be able to enjoy your finished efforts throughout the fall, winter, and beyond.

Take a Hike

Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that are great for hiking. Autumn hikes are gorgeous and, with a light sweater and thermos of hot tea or coffee, luxuriously comfortable. Take the opportunity to explore your favorite trails or someplace new before the bitter cold and snow sets in. Hiking doesn’t cost a penny!

Create Something New

If you typically enjoy painting, try embroidery. If you prefer making ceramics, try photography. Flex your creative muscles by trying an art form you aren’t familiar with or wouldn’t typically choose. Who knows? You may surprise yourself by how quickly and naturally you pick up the skill, and how talented you become! New, inexpensive hobbies are out there for you to discover!

Practice Calligraphy

Another fun and affordable hobby to pick up this fall is calligraphy. Whether you want to use the old-fashioned quill or a modern calligraphy pen set, this age-old art form is a great skill to learn, and it isn’t terribly expensive, either. Many people are also picking up chalkboard lettering, which is a bonus skill for restaurant and coffee shop workers.

Flip Furniture

Transforming an ugly, unused piece of furniture into a functional work of art is incredibly fulfilling. Keep an eye out for pieces on the side of the road, at thrift stores, or on Facebook Marketplace. You can find great furnishings at a minimal price and flip them into something anyone would be proud to have in their home.

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Written by Logan Voss

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