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Career Paths You Can Get With a Commercial Pilot License

Getting a commercial pilot license is one of the hardest things you can do to become a pilot. The requirements to get a commercial rating are the most intense and take the most time. However, the career opportunities reflect the difficulty of getting the license. To show you the potential opportunities, here are the career paths you can get with a commercial pilot license.

Commercial Airline Pilot

The most popular job that you can get with the commercial pilot license is a commercial airline pilot. This job is what most people think when they hear about a pilot—a person who flies giant aircraft of people to different countries. This license lets you fly for the biggest companies in the world.

Cargo Pilot

A Cargo pilot’s a great job for anyone who just wants to fly, as you don’t need to deal with as many people but still get to fly all over the world carrying various cargo. You’ll also find work with a variety of large companies if you choose this career path.

Emergency Pilot

A lot of emergencies call for planes to deal with the situation. In these situations, you can be that pilot. Whether you work with the police or other public service, your job will have you flying around in planes to help save people and protect the public.

Military Pilot

A lot of pilots come from the military, as it has great training and gives you a lot of flight hours. However, you can work for the military full-time once you have your license. You can branch out into multiple career paths, many of which avoid combat if you don’t want to take part in war.

Government Pilot

The government offers a lot of potential positions for pilots outside of military careers. You’ll find potential employment from various departments, like the FBI and FAA, where you can carry out all sorts of transport and cargo jobs.

These are just some of the career paths you can get with a commercial pilot license. You can find a variety of jobs with corporations are companies, and you can also get almost any job with your pilot license.

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Written by Logan Voss

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