How To Transition Your Home Décor Each Season

Each season, most of us change our home décor. In fall, we put up cute little pumpkin decorations, and in winter, we set up a tree, menorah, or kinara. Changing up your home décor each season makes it so you can experience the joys of the seasons both indoors and out.

You can’t spend all summer at the beach or play in the snow all winter long, but you can make your home look and feel like a tropical paradise or winter wonderland with a few simple design choices. Here are some tips on how to transition your home décor each season.

Swap Out Your Bedsheets

Changing up your bedroom can help you feel the season cheer even when you’re asleep. Have a comforter set for each season. Get a pastel and floral comforter for spring, a blue and beachy comforter for summer, a red and leaf-patterned comforter for fall, and a grey and wintry comforter for the holiday season. You can also change up the pillow covers and any throw pillows on your bed to complete the look.

Create a Seasonal Display

The next tip on how to transition your home décor each season is to create a seasonal display. This is the easiest (and most fun) way to celebrate each season. Set aside some room on a countertop, shelf, table, or windowsill and create a seasonal display. Pick up some seasonal doodads from your local home and garden store and arrange them to create a charming exhibit.

For spring display, put out some fresh (or fake) flowers and butterfly and bunny trinkets. For summer display, stack a jar of seashells, a tiki candle, or a wood lighthouse decoration on a cute, colorful drink tray. If you want, you can also hang rope and fishnet on your walls or from the ceiling. Fall means pumpkins, leaves, and anything spooky. Winter is the time for snowmen and snowflakes, reindeer, and sweaters.

Take Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Are you unsure how to make your home décor match the season? Step outside and look around. What do you see? If you’re transitioning from spring to summer, you’ll probably notice that everything is suddenly vibrant and so much sunnier. It’s also blazing hot outside! What can you do to make your home colorful and cool?

Are you transitioning from fall to winter? It’s cold and there’s probably snow as far as the eye can see. Amongst the dullness of an endless sea of white, there are also festive garlands and gorgeous lights strung from porch railings, rooftops, and trees. Winter is a wonderful mix of neutral colors and bright colors, so don’t forget to incorporate plenty of seasonal foliage such as holly, mistletoe, and pine into your home.

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Written by Logan Voss

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