A Checklist of Basic Tools Every Farmer Needs

It should come as no surprise that an occupation like farming requires manual labor, and of course, a pretty extensive tool kit. But it can be hard to pin down the staple equipment you’ll need for when you’re first embarking on your farming journey. Let us help you out with a checklist of basic tools every farmer needs so that you can work your land with confidence.

Utility Vehicle

If you plan on doing any farming, a utility vehicle of some kind is a must. Utility vehicles function similarly to a pickup truck but on a smaller, more manageable scale. Additionally, UTVs come with tons of advantages, including a cargo box, a lightweight body, a hitch, and a lower center of gravity. Utility vehicles are also particularly beneficial to farmers because they can squeeze into and navigate rough terrain that other vehicles cannot.

Rotary Tiller

Just as having a sturdy vehicle to navigate your farm is vital, so is having a rotary tiller. This fantastic piece of machinery helps prep your soil before planting in the spring, and then again in the fall. It does so using curved lines attached to a rotating shaft that churns soil into a fine, clump-free bed where your crops can flourish. Rotary tillers are surprisingly accessible, and you can buy ones that include tractor mounts, so you can easily attach them to other various farming vehicles.

Compact Utility Tractor

While you can use your UTV to navigate your property and handle smaller jobs, you’ll need something a little more dynamic for the big tasks. This is where having a compact utility tractor comes in handy. Although they are smaller than a traditional tractor, compact utility tractors still have the horsepower to do some serious heavy lifting. Compact tractors also come with various features, such as a front and back hitch, mounts for buckets, mowers, box blades, aerators, mulch finishers, and even rear blade attachments. So, no matter what the job is, you’ll have a budget-friendly tractor that can help you get the job done.

Staple Gun

While having a staple gun in your farming arsenal might seem unnecessary, let us assure you that this tiny gadget is one you’ll want to keep in your toolbox. There are many reasons you’ll need a staple gun on your farm, a primary one being that you’ll need to be able to perform lots of quick repairs things fencing and chicken coops. You can also use staple guns to fabric and wire to other structures on your farm, and a staple gun can also help you create supportive wire structures for your plants and vegetables that need a little extra support.

Knowing which tools are best for your farm can be difficult when you’re just starting. After all, there are tons of things you have to keep up with daily. Hopefully, our take on a checklist of basic tools every farmer needs has provided some useful insight into which equipment you’ll need for your farm.

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Written by Logan Voss

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