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Equipment Your Kids Need To Irish Dance

When getting into Irish cultural dancing, the equipment your kids need to Irish dance is concrete. Ensure you do your research on the best dance facilities so your kids can have the best experience in their new endeavor.

Dance Shoes

When you start your Irish dance classes, you can wear regular ghillies for practicing. For performances, your child needs jigs! Learning the top brands of Irish dance shoes and making sure they are polished is essential in making your child’s show or class spectacular.

Hair Accessories

Wigs are sometimes a requirement: if they are not, you need other hair accessories. Grab a tiara, just in case it’s needed. Don’t forget to pack combs, brushes, bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray, mousse, or anything else they may need for slick and pristine performance hair.


Some undergarments you may need are tights, undershirts, leotards, dress shields, sock glue, and socks. Do not forget to pack your black slacks, cape, and burgundy tie. When you join a dance company, they will tell you what equipment your kids need to Irish dance. That list is the key to staying in unison with your group.


Having all pieces of your uniform is essential. Ensure that you have a travel sewing kit and scissors just in case last-minute alterations need to occur on the uniform. Have a ribbon for their number holder and safety pins because they always come in handy.

Personal Care Products

Making sure that your child has personal care products is a great way to help them. Lotion for skin is excellent for that extra shine. If your child is older, you may need makeup for their performance. If new to the class or performing for the first time, they may have a touch of nerves, making them sweat more than usual.

Having a baby stick of deodorant in your child’s bag is an extra dash of care. If you’re a parent who gets your kids ready at home, having a lint roller comes in handy to remove anything attracted in the transition. Wet wipes and stain remover pens are always helpful just in case an accident happens too. Irish dancing is a fun experience that’s also an excellent workout for your kids!

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Written by Logan Voss

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