Bookish Bliss: Tips for Designing the Perfect Reading Nook

For some people, it’s the elegant prose and romantic ideals of a Jane Austen novel. For others, it’s the grit and suspense of a detective thriller. Whatever genre has captured your imagination, if you’re a reader, you know the only thing better than a new book is a quiet, comfy place to settle in to read it. If you want to create a little bookish sanctuary in your home, check out our tips for designing the perfect reading nook.

Focus on Comfy Sitting

Seating is everything when it comes to designing the ideal reading nook. And what is comfy sitting for one person may not be comfy for everyone. When you’re thinking of what kind of chair you want in your nook, consider:

  • Do you prefer plush or firm seating?
  • Do you need back support?
  • Do you like to shift how you’re sitting in a chair (cross-legged, one leg over the other)
  • Do you like to stretch out your legs while you sit?
  • How many people are going to sit in the nook at a time?

As you look for seating that fits your policy, don’t limit yourself to armchairs or benches. Sometimes, a less conventional option, like a bean bag chair, hammock, or swing, is the best bet.

Don’t Neglect Lighting

We’ve all attempted to read in dim lighting before. We’ll make do if the book is good enough, but it’s a frustrating, eye-straining process. Don’t rely on the room’s general lighting, especially if your reading nook is tucked in the corner. Floor lamps are usually ideal since they light the page from above, but as long as you have focused lighting near your chair, your eyes will be much happier.

Play With Color

If you’ve ever heard of color psychology, you know color impacts our minds and emotions. And since your reading nook is your place to wind down and sink into a good book, you’ll want to use colors that match. Blues and greens promote calm and focus, so they’re good choices to incorporate in your space through wall paint, upholstery color, or even plants.

Use Books as Decor

Books are at the heart of the reading nook, so why not use them in your decor? Simply having your books on display on a bookshelf beside your nook is usually sufficient for bringing the message home, but book-inspired decoration also gives a clever nod to your favorite activity. Posters of book covers and statuettes of symbols from your classic literature are great choices for this.

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Written by Logan Voss

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