The Essential Tools for Any Guitarist

No matter how experienced you are with a guitar, there’s always something you could do better—and technology is here to help. Here are the essential tools for any guitarist.

Guitar Tuner

Every string musician tunes their instrument before playing. You must begin every session by tuning your guitar. While some guitars feature built-in tuners, you’ll likely have to find a separate one. The tuner will help you tighten and loosen your strings in incremental steps, so you achieve a near-perfect pitch for the note progression you want. Most guitars tune with the notes: E-A-D-G-B-E. You can buy tuners at your local music store or find an app on your phone.

Straps, Strings, and Picks

While the tuner sets you up for playing, you need certain tools to actually play your guitar. The first thing you should consider is a guitar strap. You can find dozens of unique patterns, colors, and thicknesses, so choose something that fits your personality. The strap enables you to play your guitar while standing up.

Guitar strings vibrate and make the magic happen. However, these nylon and metal wires will break when overplayed or over-tuned. If your string snaps, you don’t want to wait until you have time to visit a store or receive a package for your new string to arrive. Have a backup set handy so you can address the problem right away.

When guitarists play, they use their fingertips or fingernails to strum and pluck the strings. If you don’t want to grow your fingernails or you have sensitive hands, you can invest in guitar picks. These nifty triangular pieces can pluck and strum the strings just like your fingers, but with much less wear and tear on your hands.

Cords and Amps

There’s nothing as satisfying as playing a guitar note and hearing it reverberate through an amp. As the name implies, guitar amps amplify the sounds your guitar makes. These special speakers make rock concerts the loudest, most chest-pounding experiences ever. You can find amps or mini amps to give your sound a power boost and make the most of an intimate performance.

If you end up choosing an amp, you’ll also need instrument cables to connect the guitar to the amp. This way, the microphone in your guitar can pick up your playing and send the signal through the cord and into the amplifier.

With a few of the essential tools for any guitarist, you can take your playing from basic to unbelievable. Find the best combination of devices for learning, playing, and performing.

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Written by Logan Voss

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