Reasons Why People Love Beekeeping

Human beings have been fascinated by honey bees for thousands of years. These incredible little workers, with their hyper-efficient survival methods, have inspired many people to cultivate a hive of their own. Though it may seem dangerous or odd to the outside world, there are many reasons why people love beekeeping.

Constant Learning

Honey bees are surprisingly intelligent and endlessly interesting animals with an ever-expanding amount of reading material to back them up. Beekeepers get to enjoy the science and history behind their hobby, an area of study that reveals so much more than meets the eye. From the honey bee’s complex communication abilities to their searching techniques, there is no end to the material one could learn as a beekeeper.

Increased Environmental Awareness

Many beekeepers notice how the hobby connects them more with nature than they had ever experienced before. As a beekeeper, you are responsible for keeping an eye on the weather, for knowing what nectar sources the bees are attracted to, and what pesticides are being sprayed on the crops in the area. Many beekeepers feel that this exposure to nature makes them more connected with the environment, offering them a new perspective and appreciation for nature.

It Is Thrilling

There is no way around it. No matter how much work goes into safety and planning, the beekeeping hobby certainly comes with its moments of adrenaline. Beekeepers see swarms of bees circling the air, swooping in and out of their line of site, almost eliminating everything else from view. It is an experience, and one of the major reasons why people love beekeeping. Anyone who is chasing that next adrenaline jolt should consider beekeeping as a hobby,

Comradery With Other Beekeepers

There are many beekeeping organizations and clubs throughout the United States on a local, state, and national level. As a hobby, the beekeeping community is committed to sharing stories, advice, and experiences with fellow or prospective beekeepers. Starting up as a beekeeper could open the door to your new best friend.

The Honey

Of course, the most immediate reward for all the work and time beekeepers put into their hives is the honey. Depending on how many hives they watch over, beekeepers can accumulate vast amounts of honey each season. Beekeepers often become the source of honey for many of their neighbors. Whether the beekeeper charges them or not is entirely dependent on him. Regardless, the honey collected from beekeeping can build life-changing community connections.

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Written by Logan Voss

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