How To Work Safely in Confined Spaces

How To Work Safely in Confined Spaces

Several things characterize a confined space. If it is substantially enclosed, there will be at least one safety hazard, which will most likely a result of the enclosed space. If any resulting injury is serious enough, always remember to consult medical professionals.

Knowing how to work safely in confined spaces is a necessity because, by its very nature, enclosed spaces are to workers and can result in serious injury or death.

What Are the Common Hazards?

As mentioned, one of the characteristics of a confined space is the presence of safety hazards. To better prepare workers for jobs in these spaces, you need to know what possible dangers can occur. These dangers include:

Toxic Atmosphere

This type of hazard may be a result of the aerosolization of dangerous chemicals and can cause several side effects on workers, such as impaired judgment, unconsciousness, and death.

Oxygen Deficiency

A lack of oxygen in a space can be the result of displaced air from other chemicals, metal surfaces absorbing air, and other chemical reactions.

Oxygen Enrichment

The opposite problem of a lack of air is too much. The presence of too much air can result in intense fires or an increased risk of explosions.

How To Protect Workers


Before having workers enter a confined space, you need to make sure they aren’t in immediate danger upon entering. This means having to monitor and test the atmosphere present in the space, making sure it’s not immediately fatal, or determining the proper PPE for entering.


In circumstances where the atmosphere is hazardous, one of the safest practices you can employ is to keep the space ventilated. Knowing how to ventilate confined spaces will keep deadly toxins from harming employees and make it a far safer environment to work in.


You can keep workers updated on changing circumstances by communicating clearly with them. They can do the same for you. Having clear opportunities for workers to speak with one another will prevent incidents resulting from an inability to talk or miscommunication. Workers should be connected by communication so they can work together efficiently and safely.

Approach With Caution

Knowing how to work in confined spaces safely means going into every situation cautiously. Having this mindset will keep you and your workers alert to possible dangers and can improve reaction times when something dangerous happens.

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Written by Logan Voss

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