Tips for Making Your Own She Shed

A she shed is a comforting place outside of the home where women can rest, relax, and enjoy their hobbies. It’s a cozy backyard hideaway perfect for gardening, reading, painting, or curling up for a nap. We’ve all heard of the infamous man cave before. The she shed serves a similar purpose—relaxation and expressing your individuality. The concept might seem a little silly, but it’s the perfect solution for any woman who wants a quiet, personalized space to call her own. Whether you’re planning to beautify an old, neglected shed in your backyard or are rearing to build your own she shed from the ground up, these tips for making your own she shed can help you design the perfect backyard oasis.

Clean Out an Old Shed or Build a New One

If you’re willing to put in some work, you can turn that old, cluttered shed in your backyard turned into something beautiful and functional. You’ll want to start by cleaning out all the clutter and either organizing, donating, or tossing it. Discard any broken or worn garden tools, unused pots and planters, boxes, and whatever else is lurking in the dark, cobwebby interior of your shed. If you don’t have a shed in your backyard, don’t worry! You can purchase an easy-to-build kit online or at your local hardware store. Taking on such a sizeable project might seem daunting, but if you can assemble simple furniture, you’re skilled enough to put together a shed.

Give It a Pop of Color

Another tip for making your own she shed is to make it stand out. As soon as your she shed is free-standing and clear of clutter, it’s time to start personalizing it! If you built your she shed from scratch or a kit, you’ll want to start by painting the exterior and interior walls. The same goes for a pre-existing shed that’s suffering from chipping, flaking, or faded paint. A fresh coat of paint can take your shed from ordinary to incredible. Your she shed is supposed to be about you, so pick out a shade that you absolutely adore. You can use every color in the rainbow or stick to softer hues like ocean blue, lavender, or dandelion. If you want to keep your shed up to date, why not choose one of the top interior color trends for this year?

Decorate To Your Heart’s Content

Your she shed might be colorful, but does it have personality? The next step in the design process involves giving it some character. You can use your she shed for whatever your heart desires. Transform it into a pottery studio, a reading nook, or a place to binge-watch your favorite drama without fear of interruption. If you’re struggling to pick out the right kind of furniture and decorations, consider deciding on a central theme. Do you want your shed to be rustic, nautical, or modern? Would you prefer something more traditional or contemporary? You don’t have to limit yourself to decorating your she shed’s interior. Bring the exterior to life by adding plants, lighting, and a comfortable lounge chair.

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Written by Logan Voss

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