Technology That Improves Warehouse Efficiency

For the greatest profit and overall efficiency, a warehouse should put the latest technology to use. Understanding the technology that improves warehouse efficiency needs to be a part of a warehouse’s overall plan to maximize time, profits, and productivity.

The Right Server

A warehouse’s main server works hard behind the scenes, keeping computers and other technology running and storing all information.

Your IT team must maintain and monitor the server properly. As technology improves, so should your server.

Ideas such as switching from a hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) can save space and offer excellent storage, both of which are important to a warehouse.

Bar Code Scanner

In most warehouses, there are items that need to be scanned. Are your employees still running to another area to do so?

Employees can save so much time with mobile bar code scanners that they can carry with them from place to place. This method saves an enormous amount of time, as scanning can be done on the spot.

Mobile Printer

Like the mobile bar code scanner, a mobile printer is a small device that employees can carry with them to print labels where needed. No more looking around, wasting time with a long walk to the other side of the warehouse to print an unexpected label.

Time Tracking System

Time is money. To save time, consider implementing a time tracking system for your warehouse.

Timecards that your employees need to punch manually get lost easily and take up more time. A quick computerized system can fix that. Not only does it speed up the process for employees, but it makes it so much more efficient for the department that keeps track of schedules and paychecks.


Because robotics are automated, they are able to better manage inventory and accurately fill orders. People will always be necessary, and no one wants a warehouse running on robotics only. However, there are some areas when robotics could do a job more efficiently, which, in turn, saves the warehouse time and money.

Technology that improves warehouse efficiency is available and always changing. Decide what areas need improvements in your warehouse and go from there.

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Written by Logan Voss

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