Different Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

It’s not always easy or cheap to keep your car’s appearance and performance in prime condition, but taking good care of your vehicle can save you from future repair and part replacements. Drivers should constantly be on the lookout for helpful auto detailing tips to boost their ride’s longevity. In addition to a solid maintenance routine, there are different car hacks every driver should know. Discover some budget-friendly DIY tricks.

Combat Iced Locks With Sanitizer

With winter’s harsh weather come iced-over car locks. If you don’t park in a garage overnight, you’re likely to experience locks that are frozen solid, keeping you from entering your vehicle.

If you don’t already, carry some hand sanitizer. You can kill germs on your hands and also melt the ice off your car lock.

Rid Dents With Dry Ice

Dry ice is extremely cold—so cold, it can help pop out dents on your vehicle. You can purchase dry ice from most grocery stores. Be sure to wear gloves when handling the ice, as it can damage your skin and cause irritation.

Rub the ice on the problematic area until it pops out. You’ll get to witness the unique fog-like reaction of dry ice and enhance your car’s appearance in one go!

Fill in Scratches With a Clear Nail Polish

In between paint touch-ups, you can use clear nail polish to tend to any minor scratches. It’s a cheap solution that will fill in scratches until the car can get an adequate paint job. You should fill in paint scratches quickly to prevent exposed metal from rusting.

Substitute an Air Freshener With a Candle

Some different car hacks work seasonally. This DIY tip is one that is best for summer weather. Substitute the air freshener dangling from your rearview mirror with a favorite scented candle.

In warm temperatures, the candle will melt slowly and leave your vehicle with a pleasing fragrance. Keep the candle in a plastic or glass container to prevent wax from getting into your cup holder or onto other interior features.

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Written by Logan Voss

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