Top Tips To Make an Old Home Feel New

Whether you are just looking to clean up your home and give it that new vibe or looking to sell, there are dozens of tricks to make your house look new. From small and cheap tricks to large overhauls and projects, we hope to help teach you some top tips to make an old home feel new.


Painting is a key component of any home makeover as it is the foundation for the rest of your choices. To really go full into the “new” feel, a great place to start is to paint your walls white. Perfectly clean walls of white are the gold standard of “new” and are the place to start. It is also a good idea to get your cabinets repainted along with other furniture to make everything looks its best.

Updating Fixtures

This trick is meant to target your light fixtures for upgrading. Old lights can really subtract from the feel of a room. Although it might not feel like it, the light fixtures are a centerpiece to the room, and new ones will make the room feel just as new. It is also important to change those light switches and outlets as well. Old switches and outlets can destroy the new look of a room and make your home feel just as old as it did before all your changes.

Random Tips

  • Declutter and clean – Every home can benefit from having more room.
  • Place art – getting new art and getting into a clean area will change how the room feels.
  • Clean the floor – Whether it is a rug or a hard floor, make sure it looks new and shiny.
  • Use curtains – Curtains and drapes will help windows look cleaner and can hide damage.
  • Simple furniture – To really lean into that new look, you will want to keep furniture simple.

Now, these top tips to make an old home feel new are just meant to do exactly that—make an old home feel new. There are many other things you can do to a home to change its style. As such, just do whatever will make you happiest, as you will be the one living there. If you are selling your house, these tips will make your home look newer.

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Written by Logan Voss

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