The Different Types of Pollution

There are numerous different types of pollution, the causes of which vary. For insight into the different types of pollution, keep reading below. This article will not only cover the several types of pollution in detail but also provide clarity on the causes of each one.

Air Pollution

When people think of pollution, they normally think about air pollution. Pollutants such as noxious gases and chemicals entering the atmosphere cause air pollution. This is harmful because it directly results in the air being difficult and dangerous to breathe.

Water Pollution

Trash and chemicals in water sources such as oceans and lakes directly cause water pollution. There are also some natural causes of water pollution, such as algae blooms and volcanos. This is extremely harmful to humans, considering they need water to survive and live healthy lives.

Land Pollution

Soil becomes contaminated when people dump fertilizers, chemicals, and other items into the ground. The pollution that’s left can seep deep into the soil, eventually running into lakes and streams, causing water pollution. Land pollution directly affects the human population.

Radioactive Pollution

This pollution comes from nuclear power plants, which use radioactive materials. Toxic chemicals and radiation can leak out, causing radioactive pollution. This is extremely dangerous and harmful.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution results from a noise so loud that it hurts the human ear. A few examples of noise pollution include jet engines and explosions. This type of pollution can unfortunately cause hearing loss.

Light Pollution

Too many lights can cause light pollution. Lights are helpful, but blocking out the night sky can be harmful not only to humans but also to animals. For example, the lights of big cities can confuse birds that are migrating for the winter.

Thermal Pollution

Nuclear power plants use water to cool things. When they dispose of this water, they often put it back into the environment. This warmed water is dangerous to wildlife because it contains less oxygen. Another way thermal pollution can take place is through soil erosion, which gives water too much sunlight.

These seven different types of pollutions are all harmful to the Earth and to people, but they’re also harmful to the entire ecosystem. Understanding these types of pollution is the first step in making an environmental difference in your own life. Maybe now you’ll consider using a reusable water bottle to help the environment instead of plastic ones.

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Written by Logan Voss

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