The Different Applications of Steel Beams

Steel is an essential part of any construction project. Without these building blocks, modern-day skyscrapers would cease to exist. Yet, there are many different applications of steel beams that everyone should know. Perhaps if you realized how much steel is around you, you’d appreciate the precious metal a little more.


We’ve probably all driven across steel bridges at least once in our lifetimes. Now, these bridges didn’t just pop out of thin air. Construction workers spend hours creating these pathways that smooth our routes and make transportation easier. Workers communicate with engineers to ensure that every steel beam is drilled to perfection. There are a few do’s and don’ts of drilling steel beams that every metal worker needs to follow. These rules are fundamental when discussing bridges since they protect drivers on the road.

Residential Buildings

Skyscrapers aren’t the only type of building that uses steel. It also features prominently in residential buildings like homes and office spaces. Here’s a brief explanation of how the construction process works for these buildings:

  • Engineers bring their dimensions to a metal shop where fabricators learn the exact cuts to make and what’s necessary for the project.
  • The fabricators make the cuts and deliver the products to the site.
  • Once delivered, construction workers and engineers determine the right fit for the beams so that the building can begin to take shape.


Another of the different applications of steel beams is in aerospace. Aerospace engineers use these materials to build aircraft that transport passengers and military personnel to other areas of the world. Again, measurements must be exact when creating planes since passengers’ safety is at risk. For this very reason, it can take years to develop the planes we see flying through the sky.

These are just a few applications of steel beams. Smaller beams also feature in loading docks and platforms around the world. Not only are these products versatile and indispensable in all types of construction projects, but the exactness necessary in their construction shows just how crucial they are.

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Written by Logan Voss

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