All Hands on Deck: Tips for Staging Your Patio

One of the most important elements of a home that potential buyers look at is the outdoor space. Your property’s patio or deck is essential to the appeal of your listing, and it requires some special care. Whether you want to outfit your patio with all the bells and whistles of a luxurious lifestyle or simply furnish it to achieve a photogenic appearance, we have the most essential tips for staging your patio you need before publishing your listing.

Tell a Story

No matter how much room you have on your patio, it’s essential to keep it furnished. A bare patio may mean less work for you, but you miss out on the head-turning appeal of a beautiful outdoor space. Plus, if you really want to sell your home or condo, you must create a warm, inviting atmosphere in which visiting potential home buyers can see themselves living. The goal is to get the home buyer to see themselves relaxing on the patio with a drink in hand as they sit back and enjoy the view. Do what you can to spark daydreams of sipping a hot cup of coffee on a brisk late spring morning as the city passes them by or of a personal happy hour in the evening.

Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Chances are, you don’t want your home-buying guests to see plain, bare floors—especially concrete. Breaking up the sight of mundane flooring with pops of color or different textures with outdoor area rugs is the easiest way to subtly impress guests. Coordinate the color of your outdoor rug with the colors of your furnishings, and match the theme of your patio. Don’t just put any rug outside, though—make sure you know the differences between outdoor and indoor rugs before you make your final decision.

Brighten the Space

Lighting is important when you’re selling a property—the wrong lighting can turn an appealing feature into a deal-breaker, but the right lighting can add a touch of romance and fantasy to any outdoor space, making it an essential tip for staging your patio. For smaller patios and decks, add unobtrusive lighting such as hanging lights or table lights to keep as much space as possible for people and furniture on the deck itself.

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Written by Logan Voss

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