Bad Habits that Truck Drivers Should Avoid

Even when we have the best intentions, bad habits tend to slip into our lives. This is true for everyone, but some bad habits are more dangerous than others. Especially for truck drivers on the job, bad habits, even when innocent, can quickly turn disastrous. Here are some bad habits that truck drivers should avoid.

Using Phones While Driving

For anyone operating a vehicle, using a phone while driving is a bad idea. Phone usage on the road leaves drivers distracted and increases the chance of an accident as a result. But for a truck driver operating a vehicle weighing several tons, driving distracted is especially dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.


On long drives, it’s easy for truck drivers to become neglectful of the amount of space left between their trucks and the tails of the cars in front of them. To stay safe and avoid getting a ticket, truck drivers should leave the appropriate amount of space between their trucks and neighboring cars.


For a driver on a tight schedule, speeding to reach a destination more quickly can be tempting. But it is also illegal, dangerous, and not worth the risk.

Bad Lane Manners

When driving down the road, drivers will sometimes begin to drift out of their lanes or neglect to use a turn signal when changing lanes. While this might seem like a minor thing, especially if there are very few other cars on the road, it can be quite dangerous for both truck drivers and other drivers around them. Drivers should stay in their lanes and make their intentions clear when switching lanes for the sake of the other drivers around them.

Using Drugs and Alcohol

Using drugs or alcohol on the job is one of the worst habits a truck driver can form. Not only is it dangerous to drive under the influence, but it’s also illegal and it could ultimately cost a driver their job. To prevent drivers from driving under the influence, random drug tests are performed for all drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). A Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing consortium can help truckers to manage these required tests.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

A sleepy driver is nearly as dangerous as a drunk driver, so it’s very important that truck drivers get enough sleep each night before driving. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the number of consecutive hours that CDL drivers are allowed to be on or off duty to allow for adequate sleep, but ultimately, it’s up to drivers to get enough sleep. Generally, 8-10 hours each night is a good amount.

If you are a truck driver, be sure to avoid these bad habits that all truck drivers should avoid. Your time on the road will be safer and more satisfying for it.

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Written by Logan Voss

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