Under the Sea: How Marine Piping Systems Work

Bodies of water are expansive. It’s almost scary to think about everything we don’t know. Still, this doesn’t mean that marine biologists and engineers aren’t trying to figure out more. These individuals are trying to discover more about water by installing piping systems. This article will answer how marine piping systems work for those who are curious about what lies below.

The Big Picture

Marine piping systems are an energy-efficient power source. These mechanisms can be used to power facilities and ships. However, before arriving at that end-scenario, these pipes have to be installed. As you can imagine, installing underwater pipes is no easy feat. You have to be trained in the field and know precisely how the components work to be on the installation team.

Water or other liquids flow through the pipes once they’ve been installed. Typically, someone above ground controls how much pressure or fluids the lines can handle. The remainder of this piece will discuss the risk factors involved in using these components.


Unfortunately, marine piping systems are prone to corrosion because of environmental factors and the types of materials used to create them. Consequently, engineers should be on the lookout for warning signs of a failed expansion joint. Essentially, expansion joints are used to help the pipes grow under extreme distress. Thus, if you can’t recognize the telltale signs of failure, the line may burst before its time.

Difficult Maintenance

Now, you may be thinking, “How can I check for pipe corrosion?” Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy process. Addressing pipe wear will require people to go underwater and check things out. Since it’s so complicated, many companies ignore preventative maintenance until the pipes burst. This action should be avoided at all costs because it’s expensive, dangerous, and bad for the environment.

This article has explained how marine piping systems work. Liquid and pressure flow through them as long as they were properly installed. Also, certain parts, such as expansion joints, help take the burden off these components, so they don’t burst and cause major headaches.

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Written by Logan Voss

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