4 Reasons You Should Consider Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a new and exciting form of treatment that is finding its way into the mainstream media. In short, cryotherapy is a way to heal the body thanks to cold temperatures that are housed in a chamber you step in. While medical professionals are still trying to understand all the benefits, so nothing is for certain, here are the top reasons you should consider cryotherapy.  

Great for Workout Recovery 

Because cryotherapy is still relatively new, the first place where you might have seen it used is by professional athletes. Like an ice bath, the cold that comes from cryotherapy is great for workout recovery and reducing muscle pain. 

Helps With Weight Loss 

If you are trying to obtain a lean physique, cryotherapy can help with your weight loss journey in several ways. While diet and exercise are still the best ways to lose weight, cryotherapy can burn calories in the process because your body is working to stay warm in cold conditions. With less muscle pain, cryotherapy can also keep you motivated to stick with your workout routine and weight loss goals. 

Leads to Better Sleep 

Quality sleep is something everyone should attain. Though you can’t sleep while you are getting cryotherapy, this treatment can help improve your sleep. The main reason is that cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and pain that might be keeping you up at night. Thus, cryotherapy can lead to better sleep.  

Improves Your Mental Health 

A final reason you should consider cryotherapy is due to the notion that it can help reduce anxiety and depression. Certain individuals who have tried cryotherapy reported coming out of it with reduced anxiety and depression. This is believed by some because cryotherapy can alleviate inflammation.  

If you are going through mental health battles, inflammation, or pain after workouts, cryotherapy might be something to speak with your doctor about. Because there seems to be merit to this new treatment that is taking the world by storm, consider cryotherapy.

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Written by Logan Voss

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