The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Metal fabrication shops are full of heavy-duty machinery. Workers must have the proper equipment to help them do their jobs correctly. One useful device that metal workers use is a waterjet. A waterjet is a cutting machine that slices through material using a high-powered stream of water. This article will examine the benefits of waterjet cutting to prove that more employers should invest in this machinery.


Lots of metal fabrication machines use heated lasers to cut through different materials. While these devices help workers be more efficient, they can also do severe damage to the object itself. Since lasers are incredibly hot, sometimes they melt the material they’re slicing through. Erosion is also more likely to occur when using a heated laser. Waterjets, on the other hand, are temperature controlled. Since the machines cut through metal using a stream of water, employees don’t have to stress about the material melting or overheating.

It’s eco-friendly

Every business must do its part to help the environment. One way metal fabrication shops can do achieve this is by using waterjets. Laser-based machines can sometimes emit hazardous gases into the atmosphere. Also, these types of tools create lots of dust during use. This problem doesn’t occur when using a waterjet. The water is pure, so no one has to worry about encountering dangerous chemicals while they’re working. Therefore, waterjet cutting is generally safer for machine operators.

No finishing touches are needed

Waterjets make very exact cuts. Most waterjets can cut through 200mm-thick material. These devices are incredibly adaptable and user-friendly. Since these machines are so precise, there’s no need for workers to make finishing touches upon completion. There’s nothing worse than seeing a chip in a piece of material after running it through the machine. This problem is non-existent when using a waterjet. Waterjets very rarely create holes or chips. Ultimately, using a waterjet will save employees and businesses tons of money.

There are many tremendous benefits of waterjet cutting. Since workers don’t have to apply finishing touches to materials when using a waterjet, they can focus their attention on other tasks. Overall, this increases the productivity of a shop’s floor. Waterjet cutting is eco-friendly, too. Companies that want to cut down on hazardous waste should invest in a waterjet cutting machine.

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Written by Logan Voss

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