Fantastic Outdoor Activities for the Summer

With every passing day, summer draws closer and closer, and the urge to get outside grows more intense. After several months of being stuck in the house for one reason or another, millions of people are ready to get outside and have some fun. School is over until the fall, the sun is shining, and it’s high time we all start moving around again. There are endless outdoor activities for the summer that you can partake in. We highlight a few special ones that are a bit more adventurous than eating ice cream and blowing bubbles.

Giant Slip-and-Slide

We never grow up and the classics never die. The slip-and-slide is fun no matter how old you are, and the older you are, the more dangerous it is. You consume a few adult beverages, and all of a sudden you think you’re 18 years old and bulletproof. Find a big hill, a garden hose, and some plastic sheeting and make an epic slip-and-slide. Have someone on standby to call the paramedics.

Have an Off-Road Adventure

Off-roading gets you into nature in a big way. Dirt bikes, ATVs, jeeps, trucks, and gators are all suitable for getting off the grid and into the woods. Outfitting a truck or jeep to handle extreme trails will help prevent you from getting stuck. If there’s not a dedicated off-roading site near you, seek out mud bogs and abandoned rock quarries, both of which are great for off-roading. Pack a cooler, gather some friends, and have yourself a day.

Find a Large Body of Water

That’s vague for a reason. There are jillions of things you can do with a large body of water. A great lake, pond, ocean, or river means hours of entertainment. Grab your rod and go fishing. Take a boat out and create a floating party. Go swimming or tubing. Go snorkeling or scuba diving. Build a sandcastle on the beach and drink daquiris. You are limited by only your imagination when near water.

Water Balloon Fight

Be a kid again and have a water balloon fight. It’s a cheap way to get the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. Just like a slip-and-slide, a water balloon fight isn’t only for kids. They’ve made it so easy these days to fill up 50 water balloons at once that you can have hundreds of them in minutes. Set up a capture-the-flag type game or make it like dodgeball and whip balloons around at your friends—just try not to get hit.

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Written by Logan Voss

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