Let the Joy In: Ways to Lift Your Spirits in Self-Isolation

Are you feeling the self-isolation slumps? It’s hard right now to find a consistent rhythm. One day you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it. But then the next day, you feel flat—your emotions are a hurricane, and it’s hard to feel like you can do one more day of this, let alone make it through the summer. If you’re in one of those low points, take a look at these ways to lift your spirits in self-isolation.

Join Some Subscription Clubs

If you keep turning to shopping to fill your time, then maybe you should think about joining some subscription clubs. Rather than placing online orders every day, you can join these clubs and know that your shopping urges will be met each month. You can join a wine tasting club and order your wine online for delivery—it’s the preferred method of many! Or sign up for some snack subscriptions, clothing or makeup subscriptions, and even book subscriptions!

Make Time for Outdoor Air

Now, you may not be able to embrace the sunshine in the way you typically prefer for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all day inside. Your body and your mood crave that sunshine and fresh breeze. Even on the days where the sun isn’t peeking through, we dare you to get outside anyway. If you’re in a funk, get outside and see what wonders nature can do for your mood.

Limit the Zoom Calls

According to BBC and many other reliable news sources, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a real thing. When we’re relying on Zoom and other video chat platforms to communicate for work and chat with friends, it requires more focus than face-to-face chats. Our brains work so hard to reach out that our bodies feel drained.

Give yourself a break from Zoom calls when you can. You’ll notice that it lifts your spirits even the slightest bit because you’re not forcing a smile for happy hour.

Refine Your Self-Care Routine

If you don’t have a self-care routine in place—get on that! Now is the perfect time to delve into what your perfect self-care methods are. If you don’t like the idea of getting in the bath, maybe a hot shower with some essential oils will do the trick. Play with what calms you, and then make sure to turn to that when the days get tough.

Fix Up Your Space

For a lot of people, an enhanced space helps lift spirits. When you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps, try moving around your furniture, picking out some new photos for the wall, or doing some painting. These little fixes help your brain move away from all things overwhelming and will help you feel more comfortable in your space.

Feel it All

Lastly, one of the most important ways to lift your spirits in self-isolation is to let yourself feel your emotions. You don’t have to be okay every day. It’s okay to have off days, and sometimes forcing yourself out of them can make you feel worse. Give your brain and body the time to process these feelings, and then see what you can do to improve them!

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Written by Logan Voss

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