Tips for Making Your Garden Deer-Proof

Many people around the globe are spending more time at home, so now is the perfect time to start or simply update your home garden. An issue that many areas have in common is deer that sneak into gardens and nibble on certain flowers. By following these tips for making your garden deer-proof, you can keep those crafty critters out of your yard with easily—and humanely.

Use Deer-Resistant Plants

Different gardeners plant for different purposes, whether it’s to supply themselves with homegrown food or simply to give their yards a colorful look. If you can find deer-resistant plants that don’t clash with your garden’s theme, then you should seek them out as a quick solution for the deer issue. There’s a wide variety of unique, vibrant deer-resistant plants you can plant in your yard, from snow-white astilbe to bright red rudbeckia.

Invest in a Tall, Sturdy Fence

Many gardeners tend to avoid this option for aesthetic and/or pricing reasons, but it can be very effective. One thing you have to remember when pursuing this method is that deer can jump quite high. Because of this, you’ll need to construct a deer fence that’s at least eight feet tall. As an alternative, you can build small fences around specific plants. At the end of the day, you should go with what you’re most comfortable with—both of these options as well as the other two mentioned on this list can get the job done properly.

Set Up Motion-Activated Sprinklers

When in doubt, you can try to scare the deer out of your garden—not with a looming scarecrow or a blaring alarm, but with motion-activated sprinklers. A set of sprinklers is a great way to scare off deer, but you have to take consider a few things. Make sure your sprinklers have infrared sensors; without them, the sprinklers will only be a viable security system during the day.

With the help of these tips for making your garden deer-proof, you can maintain a thriving, beautiful garden at home. Encountering deer and other critters who hurt your plants can be annoying, but don’t worry. These easy solutions will safely get those deer out of your yard in no time, as long as you carefully understand and follow the proper methods of doing so.

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Written by Logan Voss

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