4 Ways to Beat Your Spring Allergies

Spring is here in full force, but as the warm weather comes, so do all the allergies. If you find yourself suffering from allergy symptoms or know for a fact that you have them, you must be careful during this time of year. Just follow these ways to beat your spring allergies ahead.  

Take Allergy Medicine Regularly 

The best way to beat your spring allergies is to make it a habit to take medication every day. Taking allergy treatment like Claritin or Zyrtec can give you the relief you are looking for this spring. Be sure to look out for these signs that you may need to consult an ENT specialist; if you’re really struggling, a specialist can help you find treatments that work best for you.  

Keep an Eye on Levels 

When you have allergies, some days can be better than others. Given the current circumstances of staying stay at home due to the coronavirus, it’s tempting to rush outside and get some fresh air. However, before you head outside, use your weather app to check on the allergy levels to see if they are high. This is a great indicator to see if you may start to suffer from spring allergies by going outside on any given day.  

Don’t Open Your Windows 

As the weather gets nicer outside, you may also be tempted to open your windows, but this is something you should avoid if you suffer from allergies. Opening your window will let the allergens from outside into your home. Instead, you should rely on your air conditioning unit to keep your house comfortable.  

Change Your Clothes 

If you are outside all day, then you should change your clothes and clean up afterward. By doing this, you can prevent the spread of allergens all around your home when you lay in your bed or on the couch. So, before you go outside, make sure you have some clothes ready to change into if you plan on lounging inside for the rest of the day.  

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Written by Logan Voss

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