3 Tips for Planning a 21st Birthday Trip

The 21st birthday is a monumental one. Though you officially enter adulthood at 18, there’s something about celebrating 21 that feels even more official. If you’re in charge of the itinerary for your friend’s or child’s 21st birthday and want to ensure it’s a fitting celebration, here are a few tips for planning a 21st birthday trip

A Bar Crawl

Showing a bartender your ID when you’re 21 makes your birthday even more special. Take your recently minted 21-year-old friend out on the town so they can do just that and make a deal out of the first time too. Snap a picture with the bartender if you can. Enjoy a night visiting some of the best bars and try their signature drinks together. If you need to drive to the bars you’re visiting, remove all impediments to safe driving. Designate a driver, take care to drive safely in poor conditions, and never let someone who has been drinking climb behind the wheel.

A Winery Tour

You can also step up your game and visit vineyards and wineries and sample their alcoholic wares. Depending on where you live, you may have to drive some distance to get to a vineyard, but that just makes your trip all the more memorable. Visitors learn how grapes are cultivated and wine is produced, making a vineyard the perfect destination for young adults who enjoy going to museums and learning about how things work. If you’re celebrating with your 21-year-old child, be there to see them have their first drink. Make a day or weekend out of visiting vineyards and wineries, even if it means driving far away. Commemorate their coming of age and have fun talking with them too. They may be out of the house soon, and their 21st birthday is a prime occasion for praising their development into the young woman or man they have become. It’s also a good opportunity to bond with them as an adult whom you respect.

Make It Natural

When planning a 21st birthday trip, you may realize a trip centered on alcohol is not what your child or friend would enjoy most. If that’s the case, consider getting into the great outdoors. Visiting a nearby state park or trekking to a national park they’ve been wanting to visit would be a refreshing way to kick off 21. If you’re worried about this seeming like a cheap option or worry about finding them the perfect birthday gift, consider surprising them with a meaningful present when you arrive. Otherwise, buck the trend of a loud, alcohol-filled birthday in favor of great views, quality time spent talking, and challenging physical activity.

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Written by Logan Voss

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