3 Ways to Stay Safe on Spring Break

For many people, spring break is the quintessential college experience. From crossing off a bucket list destination to escaping to somewhere warm for a few days, spring break is a time to have fun and make incredible memories. Of course, there are always a few things to watch out for while on vacation. Protect yourself and make the most of your week off with these three ways to stay safe on spring break.

Give Someone Your Contact Info

Before you leave, compile your trip details and share them with someone you trust. This can be your parents, a roommate, or any other responsible adult you’re close to. Give them your hotel and flight details, your trip’s timeline, and the contact information for everyone traveling with you. If someone else has this information, they can help and stay in touch in the event of an emergency.

Be Careful When Drinking

A night out on the town can be the perfect way to celebrate spring break, but it’s important that you drink both responsibly and legally. Be sure to pace yourself, eat enough, and stay hydrated. This is particularly important when you’re drinking on the beach or in other warm areas. If you go out, plan ahead of time for how you’re getting back to your hotel. Drinking and driving always has severe consequences, but the process gets even more complicated when you get an out-of-state DUI. Download a rideshare app, put the number of the local taxi service in your phone, or choose a designated driver before anyone has their first drink.

Protect Your Belongings

One of the most essential ways to stay safe on spring break is to always keep an eye on your belongings—especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place. Keep your tickets, ID, money, and other vital possessions in a safe, inconspicuous place. Watch your bag and your friends’ bags whenever you’re in busy, crowded areas. When you make smart choices and pay attention to your surroundings, it’s easier to keep both yourself and your belongings safe.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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