How to Make Your Golden Birthday Special

A golden birthday is a momentous occasion in a person’s life. Yes, every birthday is fun, but your golden birthday is truly something to take note of. You have a birthday every year, but your golden birthday only comes around once in a lifetime. So please, read this guide on how to make your golden birthday special. If you follow this advice, you’ll experience an unforgettable day.

Throw a Golden-Themed Party

If you’re wondering how to make your golden birthday special, you should start by throwing yourself a golden-themed party. Your golden birthday is your chance to do it up big. Invite all your loved ones to the soirée. Make sure you really drive the gold theme home, as well. Ask your guests to wear all gold. Of course, your outfit should be the ultimate shimmery explosion. Purchase lots of golden decorations, too. Get large, gold balloons and sprinkle gold confetti everywhere. Also, cover your cake in edible gold. People will talk about the event for years to come.

Go to a Concert

If parties aren’t your thing, go to a concert on your golden birthday. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime. Do some research before the big day. See if any of your favorite artists are coming to a town near you around your birthday. If you find the answer is yes, invite those closest to you to tag along. You’ll have a blast listening to your favorite tunes with your best friends. Going to a concert on your golden birthday is one way to ensure it’s a day you’ll never forget. Splurge a little on tickets, as well. Make sure you get awesome seats so you can take amazing photos. Perhaps even try to score some backstage passes. It’s totally okay to spend a little extra cash on your golden birthday.

Take a Trip

Your golden birthday is the perfect opportunity to take your dream vacation. Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go to. Spoil yourself a little—you deserve it. Give your family and friends some time to plan ahead so they can accompany you in your travels. After all, no one wants to celebrate their birthday alone. If you give them ample time to plan things out, they’ll definitely be glad to tag along. So, start saving now so you can take a trip you’ll never forget. Don’t forget to pack a golden swimsuit, too.

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Written by Logan Voss

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