Must Have Accessories for Steampunk Cosplay

Steampunk conventions are still going strong—the online magazine The Steampunk Explorer lists more than 40 events in the U.S. alone for 2020. Steampunk enthusiasts love to dress the part for conventions. Don’t show up without these must have accessories for steampunk cosplay.


Inventors, balloonists, operators of steam-powered locomotives and other machinery must wear goggles. Steampunk styles boast round, tinted lenses held in frames of metal that fit over the eyes, and they usually have leather straps and deep leather blinkers surrounding the lenses. Elaborate goggles also may have flip-down or screwed-on magnifying lenses.

Glasses, Monocle, Magnifying Glass

Wire-rimmed glasses, or a monocle attached to a vest with a ribbon or elegant chain, emphasize the inventor’s intelligence, the detective’s attention to detail, and the scientist’s curiosity.

Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t go anywhere without his trusty magnifying glass. These don’t have to be huge and cumbersome—smaller ones can attach to a chain or ribbon and slip inside in a pocket until needed.

Watch and Fob

Not just a watch, but a wearable timepiece. Gears, locket-style compartments and elaborate cases are options to consider.

Where’s there’s a watch, there should also be a fob. It’s the chain or ribbon attached at one end of the watch, and it also attaches at the other end to a little straight bar that goes through a buttonhole. It turns perpendicular to the buttonhole to secure the fob in your waistcoat.


Steampunk devotees get very creative with hats. Decorate your top hat with brass or bronze sea creatures, miniature steam engines, imaginary airships, or even model sailing ships. Whatever character you choose to portray—inventor, spy, adventurer, explorer—add corresponding decorations to your hat to express your Victorian enthusiasm.


Well dressed gentlepeople of the Victorian age, including the Queen for which the era is named, used canes or walking sticks and made sure they were stylish. They may have used one for day and another for evening. Customize your cane with gears or engraving to express your steampunk style.

These are just a few of the must have accessories for steampunk cosplay you won’t want to be without for any steampunk occasion. Gloves, boots, binoculars, jewelry, and a leather suitcase or bag (valise) for travelling (by steam train, of course) are other accessories you can use to complete your steampunk look.

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Written by Logan Voss

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