Best Cities to Golf in Year-Round

There’s nothing like getting out on the turf on a sunny day to golf with your friends. Unfortunately, many of us are limited to seeing these kinds of conditions only in the summer months. Storms, slush, and grey skies prevent us from golfing for so long that we can easily fall into a rut when it comes to improving our skills. While you can’t control the weather, you can do something about this. Consider traveling to some prime golf locations so that you can play at any point in time. Here are some of the best cities to golf in year-round.


Sarasota, Florida

Florida is home to many a great golf course, especially if you want to avoid the winter blues. There are both public and private golf courses to play at, all with the backdrop of tropical palm trees and none too far from the beautiful beaches. A standout spot is the Ritz-Carlton Members Club with its impressive 18-hole course in the scenic Lakewood Ranch area.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Many golf destinations lists have included Scottsdale, and it’s easy to see why. With literally hundreds of golf courses and clubs to choose from, you’ll be blessed with abundant options if you go there. Moreover, the Arizona weather is ideal in the winter. Whatever your individual or group preferences are, there’s definitely a course for you here. Try We-Ko-Pa Golf Club for challenge with varied design, or Southern Dunes Golf Club for expert design at a wallet-friendly price.


Las Vegas, Nevada

To add to the city’s excitement, Las Vegas has many excellent golf courses that offer a range of visual styles. You can play alongside memorable scenery, with combinations of mountains, fields, and desert. With the local climate, you won’t have to worry about bundling up in layers or being forced to stay in because of snow either. Look into The Club at Sunrise for a great, affordable option that doesn’t skimp on quality.

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Written by Logan Voss

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