5 Winter Fashion Staples to Keep You Warm

Staying warm during the winter while looking fashionable can be a challenge—but it doesn’t always have to be. Many clothing items, from tall boots to a thick pair of tights, look chic and will keep you nice and toasty. Here are some winter fashion staples to keep you warm as temperatures continue to drop.

Layering shirts

The key to staying warm during the winter is to wear a lot of layers. As such, it’s important to stock up on a bunch of long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. Thin turtlenecks and cotton long-sleeve shirts make a great base layer, and you can wear chunky sweaters over top of them to help seal in warmth.


Hats are musts for keeping your head and ears warm during the winter. Simple knit caps, faux fur statement hats, and beanies with cute pom-poms can all add an extra element of fashion to your outfit while keeping you nice and warm. Plus, they also serve as easy solutions to bad hair days.

Thick tights

Tights are essential for helping you stay warm while wearing a skirt or dress during the winter months. For optimal warmth, choose a pair made of a thick material, which will better trap in heat. To make more of a statement with your outfit, consider choosing a bright pair of tights for a fun pop of color.

Tall boots

Ankle boots may look adorable during the fall or spring, but during the colder months of the year, a nice pair of tall boots is essential for staying warm. For an extra touch of warmth and style, consider pairing them with a pair of high socks or cozy leg warmers. Just make sure to choose a pair of boots with a thick sole that provides the traction you need to avoid sliding around on icy sidewalks.

Puffer coats

Puffer coats aren’t just in vogue this winter; they’re also extremely practical for particularly cold days. Simply throw a puffer coat over a warm sweater, and you’ll be prepared for whatever Jack Frost decides to throw at you this winter.

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Written by Logan Voss

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