Five Must-Have Work Accessories

There’s nothing worse than being at work and realizing you need something you don’t have. This list of must-have work accessories will ensure you’re always prepared at the office. They might even make your nine-to-five a little more enjoyable.

Travel Cups

Everyone needs coffee in the morning, and no one should have to chug it while they’re running out the door. The best solution to this is to buy a travel cup or mug to bring to work. Travel cups are amazing because they keep drinks warm or cold—plus, you can find them with super-cute designs. Alleviate some stress and purchase a travel cup so that you can continue to enjoy your drink at work.

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is an important work accessory for staying productive and alert. You must be able to see what you’re doing while you work. Even if your office is well-lit, a desk lamp can help keep you focused, and it’ll be especially helpful on cloudy days—sitting in a dim office on a rainy day is miserable.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are awesome tools that allow you to stand at your desk when you’ve been sitting for too long. These truly are game-changers—especially for people who work in cubicle settings. Standing while you work won’t just make you more productive; it promotes a healthier lifestyle as well. If you’re sitting all day, continuing those sedentary habits at home can be all too easy. A standing desk will help you break that cycle and make sure you’re more active throughout the day.

Picture Frame

You spend a majority of your day at work, so you should decorate your desk and make it as comfortable as possible. One way to do this is with picture frames. Purchase stylish frames and fill them with photos of your loved ones or adorable pets. Pictures will remind you what you’re going home to and give coworkers insight into your life outside of work.


Going to work without a planner is a recipe for disaster—remembering all your tasks and meetings without writing them down can be difficult. Make things easier on yourself and purchase a planner for work. Planners keep you organized and structured, and there are so many cute options available on the market today. Buy a planner to keep at work so that you can keep track of the tasks for the week. You can also use your planner to store your contacts and other relevant information.

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Written by Logan Voss

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