Useful Tips for Commuting College Students

With the school year approaching, many young adults across the country are moving into their dorms. The college experience for commuters, however, is a bit different. Utilize these useful tips for commuting college students that can help you succeed.

Maintain Your Car

Your car may be the most important asset you have as a commuter. You need to take care of it even more than your peers because of how reliant you will be on your vehicle. There are a few ways you can properly prepare your car for college, like getting regular car washes, oil changes, and more.

Leave Early for Class

Unlike those who live on campus, a commuter must deal with traffic to get to their classes. To make it to campus on time, make sure you leave early enough so that you can either beat the traffic or expect it.

Carpool with Others

Living off-campus is a great way to save money while you get a degree, but you still need to pay for gas. If there is another student who lives by you, ask them if you could become carpool buddies, and save money together.

Keep Items in your Car

Another thing you should do as a commuter is keep school items in the car. You can almost treat your car as a mobile locker with books, supplies, and more. If you decide to do this, just make sure you keep these items out of sight, such as in your trunk.

Join Clubs or Sports

Since you won’t live on campus, it can be hard to meet new friends. The best way to socialize with others is to join a club or a sports team. This way, you can bond with others over similar interests and make your college experience much better. You can also form study groups with your fellow classmates and help each other succeed.

Always Check Your Email

Since you have to leave for class early, and depending on that commute, you don’t want to leave if you don’t have to. A helpful tip for commuting college students is to always check your email before you leave for class to make sure it’s still on. You may also want to contact your professor before class if there’s dangerous weather.

Take Advantage of Living at Home

The final tip is to take advantage of living at home while you can. Regular college can be a time where many students struggle with buying food and paying for tuition. Commuting to college is a bit cheaper, and you still get to soak up all the benefits of living at home, so do it.

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Written by Logan Voss

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