Hit the Pool this Summer: 5 Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a quintessential summertime activity, but beyond its leisurely fun, it’s also great for your health. Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or simply get your body moving, the health benefits of swimming are immense. Here are some of the best reasons to pick up this underwater exercise.

1. Provides a full body workout

There’s no part of your body that won’t feel the burn after a couple of laps around the pool. Since swimmers fully submerge themselves into the water, swimming provides a full body workout. With diligent practice, you’ll find your muscles toned, flexibility increased, and stamina at its peak. Coupling your full body movement with the subtle resistance of the water guarantees you’ll reap some of the incredible health benefits of swimming.

2. Great for those with injuries or chronic conditions

Thanks to the lack of strain it has on the muscles, swimming is the perfect option for those with arthritis, an injury, or any other condition. Water makes these movements much gentler on the body, leading to a decrease in pain while still allowing participants to meet their exercise needs.

3. Burns a large number of calories

When compared to land activities, swimming burns calories at an extremely swift rate. Since you’re doing all these exercises underwater, the resistance of that water adds to the calories you’ll be burning. According to Healthline, a 150-pound person will burn approximately 400 calories over the course of an hour-long moderate workout, and up to 700 calories during a more intense workout.

4. Low impact exercise

Low impact exercise, in a nutshell, is an exercise that puts a small amount of stress on the body. This drastically decreases the risk of injury, making swimming a very safe workout. This lowered strain means you can even do it every day without worrying about the risk of causing irreversible damage.

5. Aids in heart health

Along with becoming physically stronger, swimming helps your heart become stronger, too. Swimming works wonders for your cardiovascular system, as it regularly strengthens both your heart and your lungs.

Just mentioning swimming conjures up memories of bustling waterparks, boisterous kids, and summer days spent lounging by the pool. Alongside all these fun connotations, swimming is also an all-encompassing workout. The next time you want to get your heart rate up, consider taking a dip in the pool.


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Written by Logan Voss

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