Adventure is Brewing: 3 Destinations for Coffee Lovers

For some people, starting their day without a cup of coffee seems almost impossible. Whether you prefer your coffee black or heaped with sugar, iced or hot, small or venti, you know there’s nothing better than a great cup of joe. Explore how your favorite beverage is made by booking a trip to these three destinations for coffee lovers.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle locals know there’s no better way to spend a rainy day than by cuddling up with a warm cup of coffee. Perhaps due to the city’s seemingly endless number of great coffeehouses, residents of Seattle consume more coffee than the residents of any other city in America. Starbucks aficionados can visit the site of the first Starbucks, located at Pike Place Market. Some local coffeehouses, such as La Marzocca, offer classes that teach you how to become a barista.

Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

One of the top coffee-producing countries worldwide, Colombia takes its coffee very seriously. Colombia’s coffee region in comprised of three cities and several smaller villages nestled in the green hills and valleys of the countryside. Several coffee farms in the area allow visitors to tour their fields and taste the coffee that has made the country famous. Each June, Colombia hosts an annual Coffee Festival, which features a parade of Jeeps packed to the brim with coffee beans.

Colombia is also home to Parque del Café, an amusement park dedicated to the history and production of coffee. Guests can stroll through the park’s coffee museum or attend the daily coffee show before riding some of the park’s heart-stopping rollercoasters and water rides.


For a closer look at how your favorite beverage is made, take a trip to the tropical islands of Hawaii. Coffee plantations across the islands are open to visitors, and many of them even offer guided tours and tastings. Perhaps the most popular of these plantations—and certainly one of the best destinations for coffee lovers—is Kona Coffee Farms and Plantations, located on the Big Island. This family-owned farm hosts many events throughout the year, the most popular of which is the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. Every November at this weeklong event, coffee lovers can participate in a variety of workshops and tastings, view unique exhibitions, and vote in the Miss Kona Coffee Pageant.

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Written by Logan Voss

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