Country Music Songs to Add to Your 4th of July Playlist

Independence Day means something different to everyone, but many Americans can agree that it means celebrating freedom with family and friends over some barbecue and cold drinks—all while listening to music, of course. If you’re already a fan of country music, chances are excellent that you already have these songs locked and loaded. For those who aren’t, find these songs on your favorite music platform and add them to your outdoor party playlist this summer.


“Chicken Fried,” Zac Brown Band

If you don’t know what country looks like, just take a look at burly, bearded Zac Brown. His band’s music depicts a lazy, satisfying lifestyle full of simple country pleasures.


“Take Me Home, Country Roads,” John Denver

Legendary folk singer John Denver wrote this song with some friends, even though none of them had ever been to West Virginia. His simple chords and distinctive voice create a vivid scene of the Blue Ridge Mountains and country life.


“Red Solo Cup,” Toby Keith

This song is possibly the greatest ode to an inanimate object the world has ever heard. The title suggests exactly what the song is about: having a good time with your buddies and making some mistakes. When this song comes up in your playlist queue, break out the solo cups and have a game of flip cup.


“Alcohol,” Brad Paisley

This song is kind of like you’re at a wine tasting… except you’re drinking everything but wine. There’s plenty of cringe-worthy reminders in this song of the stupid things we’re capable of while drinking.


“KMAG YOYO,” Hayes Carll

Not your typical country star, Hayes Carll doesn’t occupy the same space as Toby Keith—he stands a bit to the left. He’s as country as they come, though: the name of the song stands for “Kiss my ass, guys, you’re on your own.” ‘Nuff said.


“Merica,” Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles, Jr.

Earl Dibbles, Jr., the tobacco-chewing, overall-wearing alter ego of country star Granger Smith, struck a chord in country fans with this anthem of American greatness, which has over four million YouTube views. Yee-yee!


“American Saturday Night,” Brad Paisley

Before he began recording jingles with Peyton Manning, Brad actually made some good music. “American Saturday Night” explores all the differences that make up our great country.


“Redneck Woman,” Gretchen Wilson

This classic song is a celebration of almost every stereotype of the American South. Gretchen Wilson doesn’t sing—she SANGS her songs from a place off a dirt road.


“Rednecker,” Hardy

Some people take pride in driving a big ol’ truck and having a Southern twang. This song turns being a redneck into a competition, so do what makes you feel right and own it.


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Written by Logan Voss

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