6 Benefits to Living in a Condo in Chicago

Condos combine the perks of apartments and houses to create a living situation that represents the best of both worlds. They’re an especially attractive option for city living—it’s a convenient way to enjoy your home and the surrounding area at the same time. Taking this into consideration, Chicago is an excellent host for condos and their residents. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we list the top benefits of having a condo in Chicago.

1. They’re Low Maintenance

Condos give you an enjoyable living experience without requiring you to put in the maintenance that a house requires—you don’t have to mow the lawn or clean the pool. You’ll pay the necessary fees to your condominium association and they’ll take care of the rest.

2. Convenient Transportation

With the city as your backyard, you won’t have to worry about a ridiculous commute when looking to enjoy a night out or grab a bite to eat. Plus, if you work in the city, having a condo not far from the office is going to save you the hassle of dealing with long train rides or rush hour on the expressway.

3. The Art and Theater Scene

Chicago is well known for its contribution to the arts; it is home to a litany of theatres and museums. Whether you enjoy musical tours, local artists, or old paintings, Chicago has an ample supply of all these things.

4. The Views

Wherever you live in Chicago, you can’t miss out on the stunning views. The good news is many Chicago condominiums offer an attractive view you can’t forget. Living in a condo will serve as a daily reminder that you’re in one of the greatest cities in the world.

5. The Parks

When living in Chicago, you don’t need a backyard to enjoy nature. The city has a large variety of parks to satisfy anyone’s needs. When living in a condo, you’ll be able to appreciate both the industrial and nature-filled aspects of the city.

6. Social Perks

The city is a great resource for a bustling social life, and you can find excellent options right outside your door. Many condo buildings host social events or offer exercise classes, giving its residents several opportunities to get to know each other.

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Written by Logan Voss

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