The Worst Players on the MLB All-Star Game Ballot

The 2019 MLB All-Star Ballot has been released, and fan voting is open. Every year, the debate begins anew about why fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote and why only the players and sports writers should, even if those arguments don’t hold much water.


In a weak attempt to curb fan foolishness, the MLB created a convoluted open primary system for voting. At each position, there’s one player from every team to choose from. After that round of voting closes, the top three vote getters then have a run-off to see who represents their league at that position. As if baseball wasn’t losing fans fast enough, they decided to make the Midsummer Classic just like voting in a political election. Nothing says summer fun like politics!


When you treat fans like they don’t know anything, they’ll retaliate, so here’s a list of the worst players, including their awful stats, on the All-Star ballot you should vote for. There’s one player from each league at each position and six outfielders listed.


First Base

Ryan O’Hearn, Kansas City Royals: .199 AVG; 5 HR; 17 RBI; .650 OPS

Jesus Agular, Milwaukee Brewers: .189 AVG; 3HR; 22 RBI; .587 OPS


Second Base

Rougned Odor, Texas Rangers: .161 AVG; 7 HR; 24 RBI; .560 OPS

Ian Kinsler, San Diego Padres: .180 AVG; 6 HR; 11 RBI; .592 OPS


Third Base

Jeimer Candelario, Detroit Tigers: .187 AVG; 2 HR; 9 RBI; .562 OPS

Travis Shaw, Milwaukee Brewers: .163 AVG; 4 HR; 8 RBI; .548 OPS


Short Stop

Richie Martin, Baltimore Orioles: .167 AVG; 1 HR; 4 RBI; .500 OPS

Cole Tucker, Pittsburgh Pirates: .186 AVG; 2 HR; 7 RBI; .518 OPS



Jeff Mathis, Texas Rangers: .144 AVG; 1 HR; 2 RBI; .389 OPS

Francisco Cervelli, Pittsburgh Pirates: .193 AVG; 1 HR; 5 RBI; .526 OPS



Jackie Bradley, Jr. Boston Red Sox: .185 AVG; 4 HR; 14 RBI; .600 OPS

Christian Stewart, Detroit Tigers: .21 AVG; 3 HR; 16 RBI; .689 OPS

Joey Rickard, Baltimore Orioles: .203 AVG; 2 HR; 6 RBI; .651 OPS

Curtis Granderson, Milwaukee Brewers: .184 AVG; 6 HR; 13 RBI; .651 OPS

Steven Duggar, San Francisco Giants: .235 AVG; 3 HR; 22 RBI; .624 OPS

Ender Inciate, Atlanta Braves: .218 AVG; 2 HR; 9 RBI; .623 OPS

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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