5 Essential Tips for Safe Solo Travel in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico by yourself can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. However, it can also bring a unique set of dangers if you aren’t prepared. If you’re planning a trip south of the border, here are some essential tips for safe solo travel in Mexico to help you have a secure and enjoyable experience.

Learn some basic Spanish

You don’t need to become a fluent Spanish speaker overnight, but it is a good idea to know a few basic words and phrases in Spanish before your trip. While many people in Mexico are bilingual, you can’t expect everyone to understand English. As such, taking the time to learn some basic Spanish will be useful when asking for directions or ordering food.

Drink bottled water or sterilize it yourself

If you are not accustomed to drinking the water in Mexico, you could end up with a nasty stomach bug. To avoid spending your entire trip in the bathroom, it is important to ensure that your water is clean. You can do this by drinking from a trusted source, carrying bottled water, or sterilizing your water yourself before drinking.

Dress modestly

As a solo traveler, it can be dangerous to stand out from the crowd. By dressing modestly, you’ll have an easier time blending in and avoiding unwanted attention. Plus, you’ll run less risk of potentially offending locals if you are visiting more conservative locations.

Keep valuables hidden

When you’re in public, it’s a good idea to avoid flaunting any of your valuable items. Doing so will make you a prime target for pickpockets or dangerous robbers. As such, you should leave any expensive electronics or jewelry at home and only bring enough cash to last you for the day.

Get insured

Investing in travel insurance is essential regardless of what country you visit. Without it, you could wind up paying devastating fees or even end up in jail. Since most U.S. insurance agencies don’t provide coverage in Mexico, you should enroll in a trusted Mexican insurance company to receive auto, medical, and even kidnap and ransom coverage.

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Written by Logan Voss

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