7 Best Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

No one can deny that a job interview is stressful. You’re in an unfamiliar environment with people you haven’t met before. You know you’re the right person for the job—you just need your interviewers to know it, as well. Luckily, you can do a number of things to stand out among your competition. We list seven ways for you to stand out at your next job interview.

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1. Arrive Early

You may have heard this old saying: if you’re right on time, you’re late. Get to your interview at least five minutes before it’s supposed to start. This proves to interviewers that you can manage your own time and respect theirs as well.

2. Connect

A common connection is a quick way to stand out to someone. By finding something you have in common with your interviewer—like a movie genre or taste in décor—you’ll immediately create something for them to associate you with. After just one meeting, you’ll already be stuck in their head.

3. Be Excited

You want your interviewer to see that you really want this position. A perceived lack of enthusiasm could make the interview think you don’t really want the job. Showing genuine excitement when talking about the position will prove that you’re willing to truly dedicate yourself to the job.

4. Do Your Research

Not knowing anything about the company you’re interviewing to work for will reflect poorly on you. Read through the company’s website and gather as much information as you can. Going into the meeting already armed with knowledge will show your awareness of the company’s mission, and it will also help the interview move along at an efficient pace.

5. Ask for a Testimonial

A sure way to impress your interviewer is to ask about their personal experience at the company. Receiving an insider’s perspective may give you an extra glimpse into what makes the work environment truly special.

6. Listen Carefully

Asking and answering questions is obviously an important part of the interview process, but you also want to really listen to what the interviewer is saying. You may be tempted to formulate your next response while they’re speaking, but you want the interviewer to know that you’re really taking in what they have to say.

7. Follow Up with a Thank You

Reaching out to your interviewer post-interview to thank them for their time is important. They chose to interview you for a reason, and you’ll want to express your appreciation. Leave your email open-ended by stating that you can’t wait to hear from them again.

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Written by Logan Voss

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